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Boosting Body Image during a Build Phase: Three Effective Tips for Positive Self-Perception

Building a positive body image is crucial for our overall well-being, regardless of whether we're in a build phase or not. However, when focusing on muscle growth and physical transformation, it's essential to approach body image with a specific mindset. In this blog post, we explore three tips that can help you improve your body image during a build phase, allowing you to embrace your journey and celebrate the progress you make along the way.

Tip 1: For body image in general, not just in a build phase and is the MOST important in my opinion. Expand your world outside your body.

Low body image is often HIGHLIGHTING that there are areas of your life that need attention and working on your beliefs around self worth, understanding that it has absolutely nothing to do with your physical appearance.

Tip 2: This tip is for the more logical brand thinkers. Scientifically speaking, it is harder and takes so much longer to build muscle than it does to lose body fat. You can realistically only gain one kilogram of muscle each month, and that’s if you do everything right, whereas with the same intensity, you could easily lose double that in fat in the same amount of time. So, keep pushing for that greater goal remembering that if you get so unbelievably uncomfortable that you can’t take it anymore, you can easily strip that fat off.

This also segways to have a rough long term plan. Because having a timeline and knowing WHY you’re doing something will help keep you on track.

Tip 3: Reframing your negative thoughts with neutral thoughts. For example, “No, I’m not lean right now but look how strong I am, or how less food focussed I am, or how much more energy I have!”. Or, “This is temporary discomfort for long term gain (Instant < delayed gratification).

Improving body image during a build phase involves shifting your perspective and developing a positive mindset. By expanding your focus beyond your physical appearance, practicing patience, and reframing negative thoughts, you can cultivate a healthier body image and appreciate the progress you make throughout your journey. Remember, building a strong and confident body starts from within and is a lifelong process that goes beyond any specific phase or goal.

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