Online Coaching

Training & Nutrition

$89 per week  + GST |  via Paysmart automatic Direct debits
*Minimum 12 week commitment. Once you have completed the 12 weeks you will continue on a week-to-week basis until you email to cancel.*


Personal log in to my fully comprehensive App to use straight from your mobile phone!

A calendar where I schedule in when you need to do your prescribed training sessions and upload body stats/progress photos

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Personalised, periodised Training Program updated as required

- Exercises tailored to your goals

- Demonstration videos 

- Sets, Reps and Rest Period guidance based on your specific volume requirements

- Other information on things such as intensity techniques that may be used in your program 

- Structured deload/taper weeks to optimise recovery/performance

- Ability to track your weights progression


Fortnightly Check Ins that include:

- Progress of dietary adherence and body composition (photos and weight/girth measurements) via the app

- In depth questions via email to ensure we are adjusting your program to reach your goals as efficiently as possible 

- In depth feedback specific to your check in and updates to training and nutrition when required

+ Additional email access whenever needed

Customised calorie/macronutrient targets tailored to your goals and a personalised Macronutrient Based Flexible Dieting Guide (NOT a meal plan) that includes: 

- Food recommendations to hit these daily targets 

- Nutrition information on how nutrition works and how to implement it to get results most efficiently 

- Nutrient timing information based on your goals/lifestyle to maximise performance and energy levels 

- Supplement recommendations based on your goals/needs/lifestyle that are simple, yet effective (No BS Supplements that claim to work but don't do anything other than drain your bank account) 

- Other information such as fluid, sodium, fiber, micronutrients etc.


Access to my private client Facebook group

An open and safe space to share all things health and fitness, including but not limited to: your progress, motivation/inspiration, recipe/food ideas, tips and weekly challenges/upcoming events!


Nutrition Only

$59 per week + GST

This option includes everything except for the personalised training program HOWEVER you will still have the option to use the calendar section of the app to schedule your own training. This is a great tool to keeping you accountable to your training as well as helping me have a better understanding of your energy expenditure from week-to-week to make necessary adjustments to your nutrition.

I only recommend this option if you are already following a training program with progressive overload.

*Recipe Ebook available to purchase through the 'SHOP' tab


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