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In this free masterclass, I unpack my formula to unf**ck your metabolism once and for all!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 60 deep-dive session: 

  • If you feel like you’re constantly eating low calories but not able to lose fat 

  • If you're stuck in a binge or restrictive cycle

  • If you're tired of doing short challenges over and over again

Who is this masterclass for?


Hey, I’m Meg. MGTVY’s Director + Head Coach!

With a background in Accredited Sports Nutrition, and almost 10 years of experience training clients, alongside competing as a fitness model in the IFBB, WBFF, ICN & AWNBS, my specialty is to improve your quality of life with a scientific and enjoyable approach. Rather than giving you another 30-day challenge or "chicken & broccoli" meal plan that is not sustainable long term, I’m all about consistency.

 I've done more 8 week challenges than you've probably had roast dinners and I have NEVER EVER had results like this.

What's more crazy is I've had takeaway, gone out for drinks, fallen off the bandwagon a couple of times and still made sooo much more progress than I ever did with my "eating rabbit food at 1500 cals a day" plans.  I never knew I could enjoy my life so much while still achieving my fat loss goals, you've honestly changed my life!

Honestly best decision I ever made was to come with you! I have never looked or felt good this good in my life. I've learnt more than I could have asked, about nutrition and training yes, but so much mental and self-love too. 

[I have never] maintained my fitness and health this long either properly too and it's still exceeding my expectations!

Before Meg I attempted numerous diets and tried working with a PT on another challenge but I never achieved the results I wanted because I didn’t get any education.

After working with her I was SO happy with my results - I was eating more calories than I ever thought was possible when trying to lose body fat, and lifting the heaviest I ever have! I look the best I EVER have. I cannot thank Meg enough for the knowledge she’s provided me with that I will take into my everyday life forever.

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