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NO B.S Booty Bands!


One Band Size:
Unlike conventional booty bands on the market, I've designed mine to increase in density rather than size. This means you can increase reisistance without having to deal with B.S band sizes (If you've ever had to do the split to get in a good crab walk, you'll know what I mean).


Easy-Grip Fabric:

My Bands are made of fabric that is far more comfortable to wear. PLUS! it is non-slip, so you don't have to deal with latex and plastic bands that roll up, pinch, pull hair or irritate your skin.

Hours of Research:

I don't do things half-assed (pun intended) I've put in months of research so that I could provide you with the best on the market.


  • Comes with a resuable carry bag
  • Band circumference is 13 inches/33cm

MGTVY Booty Band - Single

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